The man identified as Nigeria’s Anambra based Prophet, Onyeze Jesus is seen in the video wearing a long white dress while moving around the men in the river and spraying cash on them amidst chants to which the men responded.

As he sprayed the money on them, the men could be seen using their two hands to pour the river water on themselves in unison while chanting.

According to, the prophet strongly warned the men not to dare look back as he prayed for uncommon wealth upon them.

The prophet who made incantations in Igbo language said sacrificing money to “Agbara”, the marine spirit inherent in the river would make the men wealthy.

He added that the more money he sprayed into the river as the men bathed, the more wealth that will be accrued to them in no distant time, reported.

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Meanwhile, in separate news, a 51-year-old pastor begged for mercy, saying “I blame Satan for tricking me” after he was sentenced to 140 years for impregnating his two teenage daughters.

Pastor John Gichira was found guilty of impregnating his two daughters aged 14 and 16 in Ndia Constituency, Kirinyaga County, Kenya.

Senior Principal Magistrates, Anthony Mwicigi of Baricho High Court pronounced the judgement on the man of God on Thursday, January 14.

The pastor will serve a 70-year- jail term for sexually assaulting each of the girls, amounting to 140 years but the sentence will run concurrently.

“I sentence you 70 years for each offense and you have 14 days to appeal. This court orders that your names be added in the register of convicted and dangerous offenders.” the Magistrate announced.

“Gichira will serve 70 years for each count of defilement; the sentences to run consecutively,” the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions said, citing a sentence in a Kirinyaga court.

Reports say pastor John Gichira pleaded guilty to the charges on January 5, 2021, and was remanded until Thursday when his sentence was pronounced.

Although he begged for a pardon from both his daughters and the court saying he is human, his plea did not change the court’s decision.

“I pray that the court, those that I have offended including the girls I impregnated. It is my first time to commit such an act. I blame Satan for tricking me.” he said.

The prosecution told the court that the first offense was committed on diverse dates between June 1 and 30, 2020 in Kinyakiiru village, Kirinyaga against his 16-year-old daughter who is now seven months pregnant.

The second offence was committed on or around August 2020 against his 14-year-old daughter who is also six months pregnant.

Sadly, both teenagers are reported to be primary school pupils.

The case was not initially reported to the police but fearing danger, the pastor fled to Mbeere South in Meru County and posed as a Somalia herder but residents became suspicious of his accent and notified authorities.

The area chief later reported the matter to Baricho Police Station who tracked and arrested him in the first week of January.