Fearing that his opinion might trigger some negative reactions, the man of God issued a caveat, saying: "I know seasoned hypocrites are set to stone me now to display their righteousness in public.”

In his view, reconciliation should always be the way out in every marital issue regardless of whatever pain couples might have suffered as a result of such issues.

He cited infidelity specifically as one of the issues that should always be settled amicably rather than resort to divorce.

"Give her a second chance. She cheated on you. You have 100% evidence. Give her a second chance. No matter the pain, give restitution and reconciliation a chance. If he doesn’t have a mistress, give him a chance to reform from an extramarital affair. While betrayal is very painful, no sin is beyond forgiveness," Dr. K N Jacob took to Facebook to say.

According to him, although the Bible talks about infidelity as a solid ground for divorce, the same holy book speaks about the need to forgive, so couples should not take entrenched positions when issues of infidelity arise in their marriages.

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"I know seasoned hypocrites are set to stone me now to display their righteousness in public. If you want to divorce on grounds of adultery, you have both legal and biblical rights. So, don’t bother quoting to me scriptures about adultery and divorce from the Holy Bible – I know them. I’ve dug deep in this subject. But the same Bible that allows us to divorce on account of extramarital affairs gives repentance and forgiveness a chance."

To buttress his point as to why marriage should be an institution of endless forgiveness, pastor Jacob quoted portions of the Bible in which Jesus himself exhibited the necessity of forgiveness.

"People who lived adulterous lives met Jesus and He forgave them all. Jesus did not come to condemn us (John 3:17). For the Son of man came to seek and to save that which was lost (Luke 19:10). Since we all sin, Jesus asked us to repent daily as we pray. And to forgive those who sin against us seventy times seven times. Has your partner sinned 70 X 7 times? If you don’t forgive others, you’ll not be forgiven (Matt 6:14-15). Marriage is a union of endless forgiveness," he added.