Ata Asante reported picked Noah Agyei and Kwame Awazy, both in their early 20s, from Iran Clinic at Akweteman in Accra without initially suspecting that they might be criminals.

However, while driving, the driver heard the two suspects discussing in the Ewe dialect how much they were likely to make from the sale of the alleged stolen cables.

According to, Ata Asante suspected that the young men were part of a team engaged in some electrical works at the Iran Clinic area but decided to steal the cables in question after the officials of the ECG had left.

He then devised an excuse to use a different route and when he got to the Kokomlemle area, he raised an alarm and bystanders rounded the two suspects up.

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 They are currently in the custody of the Tesano police who are investigating the suspected crime.

Watch a video of Ata Asante below narrating how he caused the arrest of the suspected thieves: