“Stay away from ladies below age 25 if you’re looking to marry” – Newly married man warns

It is said that experience is the best teacher. A newly married man has advised his fellow men to avoid marrying ladies under the age of 25.

The Nigeran man identified as Olaseni sought to counsel other men who are yet to tie the knot, to make the right decisions that they will not regret soon after exchanging the vows.

“Let me say it again. If you are ready to marry, avoid women under the age of 25 except you are very sure and can vouch for the stability of their emotional state of mind. Don’t play yourself,” he said in a twitter post.

Explaining the basis for his counsel, Olaseni said ladies under the age of 25 are hardly grown enough to decide what kind of man they want, so they are both psychologically and emotionally unstable.

“LMAO. This is strictly from my personal experience and a few others; It usually the peak of attention period for many and will have their hearts all over the place. It also the period they’ll begin to figure out what they really want. They are ready in another 2 years,” he asserted.

Inasmuch as Olaseni may have a point regarding emotional and psychological immaturity of ladies under age 25, some people might disagree with him. There are women who got married under age 25 and are good wives to their husbands.

Moreover, if that school of thought is anything to go by, then it would apply to men too.

What do you think?


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