This assertion has been underscored by the Head of Nigeria’s Police Public Complaint Unit, Abayomi Shogunle who advised the Nigerian public to avoid speaking English to the police on the roads to avoid being assaulted and killed.

According to, Shogunle gave the advice on Wednesday via his official Twitter handle as he shared a video of a police boss in Lagos warning officers against killing innocent Nigerians.

Apparently, police officers assaulting and killing civilians in Lagos has become rampant, hence the state police boss thought it wise to remind his officers of the ethics of their profession.

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However, in order to curb the trend, Shogunle is of the view that “speaking Queen’s English with them on the road” is what infuriates the police officers to assault and kill civilians.

“For now, don’t go and be speaking Queen’s English with them on the road. For proper understanding, talk to them in Pidgin, another way to avoid kasala,” he is quoted as saying.

Police officers being resentful about civilians showing that they are educated and know their rights is not limited to Nigeria alone, it is common in Ghana too.

Some of them feel inferior and threatened by fluent English-speaking civilians.