10 scariest body deformations

These are people one comes across and can't but give astonished glances, but also get help. Sometimes, however, their illnesses are so extraordinary that even the medicine has no answer.

Minh Anh

1. Manar Maged - The girl with two heads

In 1896 the first case of a "man with two faces" in a medical encyclopedia mentioned. Today we know that it is Craniopagus parasiticus in this phenomenon. This produces during pregnancy, a parasitic twin that never fully develops. This twin is usually grown on top of the fully developed child. Manar Maged (picture) was ten months old when it removed her grown twin Islaam in a 13-hour operation. Islaam could smile and blink, but not removed from Manar survive alone. Shortly before her second birthday, Only fourteen months after successful surgery, Manar died of a brain infection.

2. Parasitic Twin

The seven year old Deepak Paswan is revered in India as an incarnation of the deity Vishnu. DUKAS

In a few exceptional cases, parasitic twins do not grow at the top of the fully developed child, but on its belly. Deepak Paswan is only seven years old and is already revered by thousands. The Indian boy has two extra arms and legs on the abdomen, which is why his fellowmen see him as an incarnation of the deity Vishnu and worship. His parents felt very uncomfortable with the many Hindu pilgrims who flocked to her house and asked the public for help. A hospital in the south of Bangalore has agreed to remove the superfluous limbs. Deepak father, Viresh Paswan is happy that his son is not a religious object more and he can go to school, "like a normal boy." The oldest person with a parasitic twin is born in 1953 Rudy Santos, also known as "Octoman». He also has one leg, two arms, including shoulders and a pair of nipple. On his chest is also dependent an undeveloped head who has an ear and a little hair. 2008 offered a Philippine specialist to remove his parasitic twin. But Santos waved. In the long time he has built up a strong bond to his extra limbs.

3. Cao Thi Lan Phuong - Crouzon syndrome

The interface between the two bones of the skull is as connective tissue. With age ossify these seams. In children with Crouzon syndrome that happens too soon and too fast. The head growth then depends on the remaining, open seams. This process deforms the skull, but has no influence on the intellectual development of children. Like the nine-year Cao Thi Lan Phuong. In Tu Du hospital in Vietnam, he is waiting for you put your skull shape with the help of a few surgical procedures again.

4. Dede Koswara - "Tree Man"

The Indonesian Dede Koswara suffers epidermodysplasia verruciformis (EV) or Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia. It is caused by HPV, Human papillomavirus, which carry nearly 80 percent of the population in itself. However, the most dangerous types of them. As a boy, Dede fell in the jungle and scraped his knee on. In the scratch marks were formed on warts. Shortly thereafter, hands and feet were covered. The tree-like growths were getting worse and fell even face and other body parts. Dede could because of the severe pain and is unable to provide a traveling circus has connected, introduced him as "Tree Man" on display. Thus, a television team was aware of him, which made a documentary about him. Thereupon, Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono began to helping Dede. The best doctors cut him with a laser the warts off, weighing five kilograms. They could stop the excesses are not. The disease is incurable until now.

5. Zhang Ruifang - Teufelshorn

The Cornu cutaneum or skin Horn is a tumor that is benign and unobtrusive in most people. But not so when Zhang Ruifang from China. On her forehead the tumor extends far beyond six centimeters. A second, smaller shapes already on the other side of the forehead. Her family called the excesses therefore devil horns. The doctors recommend the more than 100 years to remove the tumor, but she does not care and pain do the horns also.

6. Fetus in fetu

For this purpose, two or more fetuses in the womb of a pregnant form. In these Siamese twins fetuses grow together. In Fetus in fetu a fetus but nests in the other and no longer evolving. The phenomenon is very rare. Even more rarely it happens that stem cells of the nested fetus remain in fully developed baby and evolve later yet. So a six year-old girl was a six-centimeter fetus removed, the long hair, had a spine and eyes.

7. Joseph Carey Merrick - The Elephant Man

Merricks malformations were in his time, in the late 19th century, when the worst deformations of the human face. Noticeable the excesses made only in his fifth year. By the time his deformities were so severe that he could only sleep sitting up. Even today one is in disagreement on what exactly a disease Merrick suffered. Important tissue samples of elephant man walked in World War II and lost his skeleton was cleaned after his death in 1890 much too often and too intense. What is clear is that a genetic disorder swelled not only his skin but also his bones.

8. Didier Montalvo - "Turtle Boy"

Only one of 20,000 newborns has an innate, dark birthmark. But none is as large as the six year old Didier from Colombia. His birthmark covering his entire back, resembling a turtle tank. The superstitious inhabitants of the rural village seen in witchcraft. They feared that Didier has been touched by an evil power and therefore could not go to school him. In addition, his mother Luz was to blame for the abnormality. They have looked directly into an eclipse during pregnancy. Too poor to afford an operation can, the family turned to the media. The Englishman and leading plastic surgeon Neil Bulstrode has 2012 Didier's case and believed him away the aching and itchy birthmark.

9. Lizzie Velasquez - "Ugliest Woman in the World"

What people would like to see is for Lizzie Velásquez to hell. She suffers from a congenital genetic disorder that prevents forming of body fat. The 26-year-old takes daily 5000 calories, almost the double of the average woman, and yet never weighed more than 29 kilos. Her illness is so rare that only two other cases are known. To researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center found mean that it must be in a form of Neonatal Lizzie to progeroid syndrome. That would mean that their bones, organs and teeth remained healthy. You can not fight the disease, but has since been the successful author and motivator. The story about it can be found here.

10. Minh Anh - fish scale disease

The normal skin cell renewal is not visible. At eleven Minh Anh but it is by a genetic defect, called ichthyosis, disturbed. His whole body is covered with scales and calluses skin. The dry, rough skin itches and hurts him constantly. Can cure the disease you do not. One can only operate symptom control. Creaming bathing, lotion, bathing. The ichthyosis disturb all skin functions. Thus Minh skin is difficult to breathe and not sweat. If he does sports, his body therefore can easily overheat. Because he was abandoned by his family, he lives now in a hospital in Vietnam. The documentary The Boy They Call Fish tells of the life of the Vietnamese people.

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