70-yr-old woman claims to be pregnant for 27-yr-old lover

Zaitani Nakanda, a 70-year-old woman who says she is getting married to her 27-year-old lover, now claims to be pregnant for him.

Zaituni Nakanda says she is pregnant for Steven Tikubuwana

Zaituni Nakanda, the 70-year-old Ugandan woman who made the headlines when she came out to state that she and her 27-year-old lover, Steven Tikubuwana, are planning to get married early next year, has dropped another bomb when she revealed that she is already carrying the younger man's baby.


Nakanda who claims to be pregnant despite doctors who examined her say at Mulago hospital, says it is not true, has refused to believe them.

The childless Nakanda, who hails from Kamuli district, according to Uganda Vision, has never conceived or even had menstrual periods but she believes God has finally opened womb with Tikubuwana and she is expecting to carry her own baby at last.


Despite rejection by family, friends and neighbours, Nakanda is not bothered one bit in her relationship with the young man.

She claims indifference about negative comments regarding their relationship and says she is happy that Tikubuwana is never ashamed to introduce her as his wife.

“As a mother, it annoys me that such an old woman can get involved in a relationship with someone young enough to be her grandson. What a shame," a  neighbour of the couple who have been living together, Beatrice Nakanfu, complained of the union.



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