Ghost of woman killed by married Taiwanese man haunts him in prison

A Taiwanese man who murdered his mistress because she threatened to tell his wife about their affair buried her alive.

The evil that men do live with them

A married Taiwanese man identified as Huang Weijin, who buried his 24-year-old mistress because she vowed to tell his wife about their affair when he attempted to break up with her, says the ghost of the woman would not let him have any rest as she haunts him every night, even in his prison cell, reports Shangaaist.


According to the report, two years after Huang murdered the lady identified as Chen, her ghost kept haunting him, leading him to confess to the crime and he was sentenced to death but the sentence was later commuted to life in prison by Taiwan’s High Court of Appeals.

The victim was said to be very superstitious and often visited fortune tellers when she needed advice. But little did she know that the regular fortune teller she visited was actually a friend of her lover and informed him about everything she discuss with him.

When Huang attempted to break up with Chen, she went to the fortune teller and told him she would tell his wife about their relationship.


When Huang learnt of the news, he convinced Chen to have a last drink with him, where he drugged her drink and then buried her alive.

Though she was reported as a missing person by her parents, Huang actually walked into a police station and confessed to the murder, saying he was being haunted by the ghost of Chen ever since her death. He said he was afraid to sleep as she was always waiting for him to sleep so she could haunt him.

Even in his cell, Huang reports that she keeps haunting him and he has not slept for over seven months.

Well, this is a clear case of the evil one does living with him.



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