A 23-year-old Ghanaian young man had to damn all the consequences and run for his life when it came to paying for the wealth he had made through ‘Sakawa’, and his sad story should be a great lesson for all money conscious youth to learn from.

According to him, he ventured into ‘Sakawa’ on the blindside of his elder sister who had been supportive by providing him with everything he needed in school.

The young man who did not want to be identified, told Samuel Mensah aka Blaq Sam on Takoradi-based Fox FM that, although he succeeded in getting rich as quickly as he wanted, when it came to fulfilling his part of the bargain, the requirements were overwhelming.

The very sister of his who he said toiled to take care of him to the best of her ability, was who the evil spirits wanted killed for them to consume her blood.

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Out of guilty conscience, he dropped the very knife with which he was instructed to stab his sister’s image which had appeared before him.

Despite threats that he would run mad if he failed to carry on with the ritual, he bolted and ended up in a different town.

Watch the video below to hear what has become of his wealth afterwards: