Bridesmaid found hanged hours after attending sister's wedding

A lady who was the brides maid at her sisters wedding was found hanging a few hours later in an apparent suicide.

Rebecca Darnell

Few hours after being the bride's maid at her sister's wedding, a 30-year-old woman, Rebecca Darnell, was found hanging, still wearing the dress she wore at the wedding.


Worldwide Weird News reports that Darnell was discovered dead following a party in which she was the 'life and soul'.

She had not gone to bed after rowing with her partner while returning from the wedding party, where she was head bridesmaid.

Known to her friends as Boo, Darnell was reported to have been in good spirits the night before she was found hanging.


Her grief stricken father, David said:

"She was the life and soul. She got everybody up and dancing, which is no mean feat. She was getting everyone involved."

Darnell's partner of four years, Carlo Salamone, found her dead at their home in Addlestone, Surrey.

The couple had argued about the taxi fare on their way back from the wedding, the inquest heard, and Salamone had slept on the sofa when they had got home.

When he woke up and went upstairs to find his girlfriend, he saw that their bed was still made and had not been slept in.



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