Zambian authorities have waged a fierce war on the importation, sale and use of sex dolls as they have threatened to arrest and prosecute both dealers and users.

Some people also use the dolls aside their partners for extra sexual satisfaction.

Most people have also expressed their misgivings, citing religious reasons and also due to the fact that sex dolls are inanimate.

The minister for National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Godfridah Sumaili is quoted as saying: "Being a Christian nation, obviously we are anchored in Christian principles and one of the values is morality and ethics.

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"The use of sex dolls is definitely in contradiction to our natural heritage and our principles." She explained that: "The law actually forbids anybody to trade (in) and to use such objects -- and so this is why we are saying for Zambians that this is a very unnatural thing."

Meanwhile, the government has been criticized by a section of the Zambian public, some of whom are of the view that the campaign is a violation of their privacy.

President of the Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP), Edgar Lungu is also quoted as saying: "The argument that the Bible does not allow the use of any objects is wrong.

"The same Bible encourages free will and it will be wrong to send someone to prison for choosing to use sex dolls. Some men have low self-esteem and cannot propose love."