Two grown ‘gentlemen’ fight in the middle of the street over woman (video)

Two gentlemen have been captured in a trending video trading bare fisticuffs in the middle of the street allegedly over a woman.

Two grown ‘gentlemen’ fight in the middle of the street over woman (video)

It is not clear what about the woman that caused the fight.

In the video which was shared online, two grown men are seen throwing punches at each other in public in the presence of many onlookers.

A woman believed to be the subject of the fight is seen attempting to separate the two ‘rival’ but she simply didn’t have the requisite strength to stop them.

Despite having created a scene with many passersby and bystanders gathering to watch the fight, the two men were too furious and bent on hurting each other to be bothered.

Some of the onlookers even threatened to film them and share the video on Facebook but the fight continued.

The hilarious incident is believed to have occurred in Nigeria as voices in the background could be heard speaking in Yoruba, taunting the men for fighting over a woman.

Watch the video below:


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