Apparently, the unnamed lecturer had entered the classroom to lecture, but the hall was unclean.

He got infuriated and reportedly asked the students to go down on their knees, and they did as if they were in primary school.

According to, an eyewitness who shared a photo of the incident online wrote: "This happened earlier today in 3rd year class, department of Microbiology, University Of Nigeria Nsukka.

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“No matter how anyone would want to look at it, this is outright insanity, to say the least. How do you mete out this kind of punishment to university students for not sweeping their classroom when we've got non-academic staff who're paid to get stuff like this done???

 “If people like this lecturer are not called to order, a time will come when they'd flog and physically abuse students and it will still be swept under the carpet. This is sheer humiliation and totally unacceptable."

The incident has triggered reactions from Nigerians, most of whom have condemned the lecturer’s act, saying it is dehumanising and humiliating.

Normally, universities employ cleaners who tidy up the campuses including the lecture halls on a daily basis, so students are not expected to do cleaning. It is unclear why the said lecturer thought it a negligence of duty by the students, for which reason he decided to punish them.

Maybe, students sweeping classrooms has always been the rule at University of Nigeria.