Maybe after watching this video of how suspected carriers of the virus are tested, all the sceptics might understand that they need to spare themselves all the traumatic experiences associated with the disease by simply complying with instructions to help break the chain of its transmission.

A lady identified on Twitter as @PanamaRedin shared a video of how the testing procedure is done, and despite being scary and traumatic, watching it might help people to understand why everyone must contribute to the eradication of the virus.

The video shows a doctor inserting a long plastic tube with a small cotton bud on the end into the patient’s nose to extract a nasal swab for examination.

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What makes the process distressing is how the long plastic tube is pushed until it brushes the back of the patient’s throat to attract the swab. It is so uncomfortable that the suspect can only breath through the mouth but not the nostrils.

Captioning the video, @PanamaRedin wrote: “Unbelievable! You can actually feel like they rip your membrane.”