Stop giving your children sanitizers to drink; it doesn’t prevent COVID-19 – Parents warned

As all sorts of misinformation in circulation regarding the coronavirus pandemic, it appears some people have been drinking hand sanitizers to avoid contracting the virus.

KEBS warning on 8 fake hand sanitizer brands being sold in Nakuru, Nairobi counties

Women of Nigeria’s Ogun state where the scary craze seems to be ongoing have been warned to desist from either drinking the hand sanitizers themselves or giving them to their children to drink.

The Commissioner for Health, Dr Tomi Coker issued the warning to mothers in the State following reports that some mothers have formed the habit of giving their wards sanitizers to consume because they were told that it helps prevent Coronavirus infection.

“We also want to address some myths in society. Some mothers are actually giving their children sanitizers to drink. There is no evidence that giving sanitizers to children will prevent COVID-19. So, we encourage people to cease from doing this,” Dr Coker warned while addressing mothers at a press briefing on Tuesday, March 31.

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