Men have been warned to be wary of sex workers who have been tactfully stealing sperms of men after sleeping with them.

The caution has been issued by a man who reportedly fell a victim of the scam after his sperm was allegedly collected by a sex worker whose service he had patronised.

It is not clear what the said ‘slay queen’ needed the sperm for, but she is seen in a viral video circulating online being assaulted by the man in a place that looks like a hotel room, apparently in Nigeria.

In the background of the video, voices of some men can be heard with one warning fellow men to take caution as they patronise the services of sex workers.

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The man is also heard raining insults on the lady amidst the beatings, calling her “prostitute who has been going round collecting sperm”.

The lady is heard crying for freedom as she tries to pack her belongings into her bag.

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