Woman kicked out of passenger plane for refusing to watch compulsory video

Imagine a passenger plane making a U-turn to the boarding gate just to forcibly take you off the plane before they proceed with other passengers, not because you are not interested in continuing with your journey.

Woman kicked out of passenger plane for refusing to watch compulsory video

That was the treatment a middle-aged woman was reportedly subjected to on-board an Air New Zealand flight as she refused to watch a compulsory safety video as instructed by the crew members.

Reports say the plane had just taken off from Wellington Airport, New Zealand, but was forced to return to the boarding gate to force the woman out of the plane because she simply wouldn’t watch the said safety video being played for passengers. The crew members deemed her adamance as disobedience to instructions.

A report by Herald, a New Zealand media house said that the police officers called to drag the unnamed woman from the plane indicated that she would be served with Civil Aviation Authority infringement notice.

"Police were requested to meet a passenger at Wellington Airport today after she failed to comply with crew instructions. The passenger will receive an infringement notice under Civil Aviation Authority rules relating to the use of a cellphone," the police are quoted as saying.

Although one of the passengers on-board the plane confirmed that the woman had indeed refused to watch the said safety video, she was of the view that the airline should have given a prior notice that the video was compulsory and spell out the consequences.

"Just make a short video that is compulsory to watch and let people know if they don't watch the video, the police will come and take them away," the anonymous passenger said.


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