A police commissioner from Pune City in the western Indian state of Maharashtra triggered emotions in Twitter users when he posted the video on the social media platform.

In the video, the black, fluffy dog is seen using its mouth to remove the long log which the blind man was probably unaware of, from the road all in a bid to save him from not falling.

Interestingly, the was walking with someone who appeared to be its owner and didn’t know the visually impaired man from anywhere.

As soon as it saw the vulnerable man maneuvering his way through the streets with his cane it ran quickly towards it as it tried to get rid of it with its teeth and succeeded in saving the blind man.

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The kind gesture of the dog left its owner in awe as she turned and watched her pet engage in a humanitarian activity she should have done but ignored and instead, appeared to have made a mockery of the man.

Watch the humbling video below: