I’m tired of sex with father and son; want to end without losing marriage and respect – Woman seeks help

A confused woman has appealed for help to stop having sex with her husband and his father without losing her marriage and respect.

This is one really confused woman

According to the woman, while in the university, she dated a certain older man who later became her father-in-law. It is unclear how though.

However, the old man has refused to stop sleeping with her, threatening to reveal their sacrilegious relationship to his son if she denies him sex.

In a letter addressed to Jessica Opare-Saforo, host of Citi FM/Citi TV’s Sister Sister show which was monitored by Pulse Ghana, the anonymous woman said that she suspects that her second child may have been sired by the unscrupulous father-in-law and not her ignorant husband.

“My husband is financially stable but my past is haunting me.

“During my university days, I dated this older man who is now my father in law.

“The issue is that my father in law keeps sleeping with me so he doesn’t reveal my past to his son.

“I fear that the second child that I have might be for my father in law.

“I am doubtful if a DNA test is conducted the result will prove me right.

“I want to end this sexual affair with my father in law without losing my marriage and respect.

“I am tired of having sex with father and son,” the frustrated lady wrote to Jessica Opare-Saforo.

The guests of the Sister Sister show unanimously agreed that the woman is indeed in a messy situation and losing both her marriage and respect that she is concerned about is unavoidable.

They blamed both her and her father-in-law for being reckless before advising her to come clean with her husband after probably having sought professional psychological help to prepare her for the consequences of her actions.

They also expressed disquiet about the likelihood of their unthinkable act to put an innocent child in a psychologically and emotionally traumatic situation he or she did nothing to deserve.

What do you think this woman should do?


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