GE has commenced production of its “most African” locomotives. Once completed, the 233 GE Evolution Series locomotives will contain 55 per cent local content, making them the “most African” locomotives of their kind.

”We are building these world-class locomotives here in South Africa because we are committed to growing the local supply chain and establishing South Africa as the rolling stock hub for the continent,” said Thomas Konditi, President and CEO of GE Transportation Africa. “Over the past six years, we have developed relationships with some of the best local suppliers in the industry.”

Powered by GE Transportation’s 12-cylinder diesel engine, the Evolution Series Engine produces 4,200 GHP. This 45-degree, 12-cylinder, 4-stroke, turbocharged engine provides efficiency, fewer emissions and extended overhaul intervals. The engine also uses enhanced cooling and higher-strength materials to dramatically improve reliability and allow for future increases in power and efficiency.

The Evolution Series Locomotive represents one of GE’s most prominent Ecomagination products. Ecomagination is GE’s commitment to build innovative products that maximise environmental and economic impact. Products with GE’s Ecomagination designation undergo a rigorous process to prove they measurably help customers’ performance and bottom lines, while simultaneously improving their environmental performance.

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