2021 Resolutions: 5 things you should never say during a job interview

Sometimes, it’s even because of something that you’ve said that prevents you from landing the gig.

5 things you should never say during a job interview

The interview is your foot in the door with your next potential employer, but you only get one shot at impressing them.

Even if you aren’t sure you really want this job, your goal is to be impressive enough that the employer will extend a job offer.

Employers view your performance in the job interview as a “sample” of your work product, hence, what you say shouldn't prevent you from getting the job.

If you did these things in 2020, here's the time let go and learn new ways.


Avoid saying these things during a job interview so that you don’t ruin your chances of landing the job:

  • Sorry I’m so late

Just be on time. Enough said.

  • My biggest weakness is that I’m a perfectionist

When you’re asked what your weaknesses are, don’t try to earn points by calling strengths weaknesses. And if you’re genuinely having trouble coming up with something then asking your former coworkers or boss can be helpful.

  • What does your company do?

It’s alright to have questions about the place where you’re looking to work. However, you really shouldn’t be asking questions that can be answered with a 5 minute Google search. That just shows the interviewer that you have done no research on the company.

  • How soon do you promote employees?

An individual asking this question may come off as arrogant and entitled. A better way to ask this? “I’m really interested in staying at a place for a while. What do career paths within the company typically look like?”

  • I didn’t like my previous boss

The last thing that you want to do at a job interview is badmouth your former company or boss. That just shows that you’re not loyal and that you won’t keep the privacy of the company that you’re interviewing for.


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