How to take your nudes and sex tapes off the internet in 3 steps

In today's age era where our lives are intertwined with digital platforms, the unauthorized sharing of personal images or videos can happen to anyone.

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If you find yourself in this predicament, knowing how to swiftly and effectively get your nudes or tape off social media is crucial. Here’s a step-by-step guide to navigating this sensitive situation.

The first reaction might be panic, but it's important to stay calm. Begin by documenting the content: take screenshots, note down URLs, and any other information about where your images or videos are posted. This evidence is crucial for the steps ahead and possibly for legal actions.


All major social media platforms have strict policies against non-consensual sharing of intimate images. Locate the report function on the platform—usually found in the options menu near the post or profile—and follow the instructions to report the content.

Be clear that it involves non-consensual sharing of intimate images. Platforms typically prioritize these reports and act swiftly to remove the content.

There are professional services that specialize in getting content removed from the internet, including non-consensual nudes or tapes.

While some services require a fee, they can be effective in ensuring the content is removed from not just social media, but other parts of the internet as well.


Getting your nudes or tape off social media and the wider internet is a process that requires swift action, awareness of your rights, and sometimes professional assistance.

As you work through these steps, prioritize your well-being and privacy. The digital age brings challenges, but with the right knowledge and resources, you can navigate through them and reclaim your digital space.


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