5 types of emotional pains Ghanaian tailors put their customers through

After politicians and trotro drivers who never tell us the truth, the next group of people who keep playing with the emotions of Ghanaians are tailors.

5 types of emotional pains Ghanaian tailors put their customers through

Customers often face a range of emotional pains stemming from various common issues that, if not managed, can sour the experience. Here are five detailed challenges many encounter when working with tailors in Ghana:

  1. They never finish on time:

One of the biggest gripes people have with tailors is how they just can't seem to stick to a deadline. Even though they swear up and down they'll have your outfit ready by a certain day, more often than not, you end up waiting way longer than you should.

If you really need your clothes on time, the best trick is to tell them you need them way earlier than you actually do—and maybe even camp out at their shop on the day it's supposed to be done, just to make sure they get it done.


2. They claim they can sew only to sew something different:

Tailors will ask you for the style you prefer only to sew something else. Instead of just telling you that they will not be able to follow the design, they get your hopes up by promising to create a specific style or follow a particular design.

However, when the final product comes out will be different from what was initially discussed. This can be not very pleasant when you have a specific look in mind.

3. Misplacing fabrics:


The longer your fabric stays with these tailors the more likely it is to get missing. Some customers have experienced situations where their chosen fabric gets misplaced.

This can be particularly upsetting if the material is expensive or has sentimental value. If you don't think your tailor will get your clothes done on time, take the fabric away from them before they misplace it and break your heart.

4. Using your fabrics for personal use:

There are instances where tailors have been accused of using clients' fabrics for their own projects or for other clients, which is not only unethical but also leads to additional costs and frustrations for the original customer.

5. Always busy yet your clothes are never done:


Tailors might appear perpetually busy, but somehow this busyness doesn’t translate to progress on your clothes. This situation can be especially irritating when you need your outfit for a specific event or occasion.

These issues highlight the importance of clear communication, setting realistic deadlines, and perhaps regular updates between tailors and their clients to build trust and ensure satisfaction.


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