The European Food Safety Authority in a new study has found that drinking more than five espressos worth of caffeine a day may be damaging to health.

It said further that heart problems, insomnia and panic attacks were all linked to excess caffeine consumption even as the study was tasked with assessing all the evidence to determine safe consumption levels.

According to the study, 400mg a day, in healthy adults, has no health consequences while the limit is 200mg a day in pregnant women due to the impact on the growing foetus.

It also found no extra risk as a result of combining caffeine and alcohol.

Explaining caffeine levels, an EFSA spokesman told the BBC that "if you have a bar of dark chocolate at 11:00 and espresso with lunch, a tea at 16:00 and vodka-in the evening - that's a lot of caffeine over the day."

Wondering how much caffeine is too much? Here's a list of common snacks and their caffeine content: