10 early signs of pregnancy after a missed period

The waiting game after a missed period can be quite the rollercoaster, can't it?

How do you know you are pregnant? [Alamy]

Whether you're eagerly hoping for a little one or just keeping tabs on your health, knowing the early signs of pregnancy can be incredibly helpful.

Every woman's experience is unique, so if you suspect you're pregnant, a visit to your hospital is the best next step.

Understanding these signs can bring you a step closer to preparing for what's next.


Naturally, the first sign that might have you running to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test is a missed period. If Aunt Flo hasn't shown up on schedule and you've been active in the baby-making department, it might be time to check if you're expecting.

Morning sickness doesn't clock in strictly in the AM. This infamous early sign of pregnancy can hit you at any time of the day or night. If you're suddenly feeling queasy or your stomach is in knots without any apparent reason, it could be a little someone saying hello from the inside.


Feeling more exhausted than usual, even after a full night's sleep? Early pregnancy can zap your energy, thanks to the hormonal rollercoaster your body embarks on. If you're needing more naps than a newborn, pregnancy might be the reason.

If your bras are suddenly feeling snug and your breasts are tender to the touch, it's not just your body being dramatic. This is a common early sign of pregnancy, as your body gears up for all the changes ahead.

Found yourself turning your nose up at foods you usually love? Early pregnancy can make certain smells or tastes your worst enemy. If your favourite meals are now on the "do not eat" list, it might be more than just a change in preference.


Feeling like you're on an emotional rollercoaster? One of the signs of early pregnancy is your hormones fluctuating. If you're feeling more teary or irritable than usual, that could be your sign.

Noticing you're visiting the bathroom more often? Early pregnancy increases the amount of blood in your body, leading to more fluid processing by your kidneys and more frequent trips to the loo.


The sudden surge of hormones in your body can also lead to headaches in early pregnancy. If you find yourself reaching for the paracetamol more often, it could be a sign.

Early pregnancy can also bring back pain, thanks to the ligaments in your body starting to loosen up in preparation for the baby-growing process.

Some women experience light spotting and cramping in early pregnancy, often mistaken for a light period. This is known as implantation bleeding and can occur when the fertilised egg attaches to the lining of the uterus.


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