As much as you want to spend more time with your child after work sometimes you are just not up to that task. Work stress and the mere fact you have to wake up at dawn the next day to avoid traffic limits your options.

The only thought that comes to mind is how to put the kids to bed early, do your regular bedtime beauty routine and jump straight into bed. 

The easiest and safest way to make your kid or children sleep early is by cooking yummy recipes that contain some chemical elements that promote sleep.

  • Bananas

Due to the high amount of magnesium, bananas are natural muscle relaxant that has proven to be effective in promoting sleep. On top of that, bananas also contain melatonin and serotonin – two natural compounds that many people use to fall asleep fast. Use banana as the main ingredient for your smoothie or fruit salad. You can also bake banana bread and pair with fresh milk.

  • Whole Grains

Incorporating complex carbohydrate-rich whole grain foods makes your child zonks out early. These types of foods produce insulin which is known to promote sleep. 

  • Chicken (and Turkey)

Did you know that eating chicken can make you fall asleep easily? There are countless ways you can add chicken to your diet every day. Chicken, like dairy products, boasts high levels of tryptophan.

It’s this amino acid that makes you want to nap on the couch immediately after eating a big turkey dinner. Chicken (and/or turkey) will work wonders on your child’s bedtime patterns.

  • Beans

Beans, like many of the other foods on our list, are also high in tryptophan. These plant-based proteins will help your children fall asleep faster with the added benefits of nutrients and fibres.

  • Rice

Eating rice during dinner can change your child’s sleeping pattern. Rice rates high on the glycemic index, which means your child will experience an immediate boost in energy after eating it, followed by a hard crash a few hours later (perfect for bedtime)!