If you want to have a talking eyes or you want to put alot of definition to your eyes, using eyeliners is one of the trickiest way to achieve that when applied correctly.

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Although you have all the products and tools to nail a perfect makeup you just might have been making one of these five eyeliner mistakes.

Get close enough to their lash line: there shouldn’t be a gap between your lashes and your eyeliner. It make you look a little odd and obvious. Hold the pencil flat along your lash line, and get as close as you possibly can leaving no gap.

Sharpen your pencil: a sharpened pencil is easier to work with and ensures more precise application.

Apply liquid liners on upper lash line: put liquid eyeliner in the wrong spot can make smudge easily, it come out  bold and it's too much for the lower lash line.

Use creamy pencils: Dried out pencils hurt your eyes, pull at the skin, and leave skid marks.

 Apply eyeliner without pulling the skin flat: is better to look down when applying eye pencils than puling the skin around your eyes. This area is super sensitive and it ages quickly.