They are a staple part of make-up artists’ kit, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a professional to successfully apply false lashes. Indeed there are so many varieties available these days, from the pre-glued, stick-on varieties to individual lashes that perfecting your false-lash-game is easier than ever.

If you have ever had a false eyelash come unglued in the middle of a night out, or they have failed to stick and instead smeared your recently applied eyeshadow, you may be somewhat cautious. It’s understandable, but these five check-points, will help you false lash like a pro.

When 'tacky' is a good thing

You have got your lashes ready, the glue is freshly applied and you’re poised over a mirror. Now, wait! Eyelash glue does not ‘grip’ until it has gone a bit tacky so wait for 10-15 seconds before you put lash to lid. If you try to apply lashes too soon the glue will be more likely to slip and slide than take hold. A little waiting game to raise your lash game no end.

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Trim to size

If a full false lash always ends up curling up or not quite sticking on the inner and outer corners try snipping lashes in half, or even thirds. The smaller sections are less fiddly and you can place them more snugly into the lash line than full-size lashes.

Tool time

Fingers, glue and lashes can sometimes get caught up in a sticky mess, but try a lash applicator to give you grip and purchase, without hindering the ‘stick’ or smudging your shadow.

Individual lashes

False lashes don’t have to be a full length of lash, you can beef out your natural lash line with individual lashes for an equally eye-opening style. The outer lashes can often thin out, but it’s where that flattering, long ‘fan’ shape is born.

Rather than a full set of false lashes you can place a cluster of individual lashes for a dramatic, prettifying change.

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Again and again

The great thing about investing in false lashes is that if you look after them you can reuse them time and time again. Peel or wipe away eyelash glue and store in an air-tight container until you need them again.