After trying our fair share of products that promise to transform our skin overnight, we know the disappointment that inevitably follows when, in 24 hours, we’re still experiencing redness and breakouts.

Instead of looking for an overnight cure or magic bullet, try making these small changes each day to get glowing skin in less than a month.

1. Don’t pop your pimples

We know how tempting it is to squeeze, pick, and pop, but, if you do, you will only make matters worse. You will make your face red and sore, you could cause scarring, and you will be spreading the bacteria that caused the acne onto other areas of your skin.

2. Cleanse your face twice a day

Another important tip on how to have clear skin is simple: however tired you are when you get home, whatever time it is, always remove all your makeup before you go to bed. You should be cleansing your face every night before bed and every morning when you get up. You should also be cleansing your face after every workout too.

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3. Use only natural, basic products on your skin

You really don’t need to spend money on expensive skin care products, many of which contain chemicals that can aggravate skin conditions and make things worse.  Look for products that contain natural ingredients, or use homemade remedies instead. The skin in your face is very sensitive, so the gentler the products, the better it will be.

4. Drink lots of water

This is no doubt advice that you will have read before, but drinking water is so important if you want to have a clear complexion. You should be drinking about eight glasses of water every day. If you do, it will clear toxins out of your body and keep your skin hydrated. Too little water, and your skin will take on a lifeless tone and you will have more breakouts.

5. Change your pillowcases often

A lot of skin blemishes and breakouts are caused by your skin coming into contact with dirt and bacteria. Keep anything that comes into contact with your face as clean as possible. That means changing your pillowcases frequently and giving your phone a wipe over with an antibacterial wipe too. Dirt, grease and bacteria can build up on things like this and then it gets transferred onto your skin.