5 ways to pamper your feet

Follow a few simple steps on how to take care of your feet, to make them happy, healthy and strong.

Our looks can’t be complete if we have cracked and smelly feet. Surprisingly, it easy to get a beautiful foot than a long lustrous hair.

Here are simple tips for gorgeous feet if flip-flops and sandals are your go-to footwear.

  • Wear shoes that fit

Whether you work for 8 hours or 3 hours, always wear shoes that fit properly to avoid bunions, corn or ingrown toenails. Let your feet relax when working assiduously to make earns meet.

  • Moisturize your feet

Invest in a good moisturizer that contains Vitamin E or coconut oil to keep your feet the smoothest. Cocoa butter cream can also work magic on your feet. Massage your feet with the cream before bed and the first time in the morning.

  • Weekly scrub

Soak your feet in the purified water and use a pumice stone to massage the rough and dry areas.

  • Remove your polish

Over time, nail polish can wear down your nails. Before reapplying new polish, be sure to remove all of the old layers. If you can, let your toenails go polish-free for few hours or a day and then, apply a polish that helps strengthen your nails.

  • Let your feet breathe

Take off your shoes when you get home so that your feet can breathe.  Otherwise, the sweat and dirt that build up in your shoes during the day will cause foot odor and cause your shoe to smell bad if this becomes repetitive.


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