US First Lady, Michelle Obama's makeup artist has revealed that women who want poreless skin should "eat right, exercise, get plenty of sleep, and drink plenty of water."

He added that, like Michelle, we all should take care of our skin" exfoliate it. Beyond the rituals that seem to give all celebrities and no real humans perfect complexions, he added that he likes to work with primers and endorses "strobing" as a softer alternative to contouring. "What products do you like," we wondered.

"That can be done with powders or liquids or creams," he explained. "It can be done with fingers or it can be done with brushes or sponges." Ray diplomatically added that he likes all three, but conceded that, for him, "brush and well." Tough break, sponges.

A non-partisan makeup artist, he wouldn't name the specific products that he used on the first lady. But he did say that uses "creams and powders and even some lotion formulas." Now you know!

When it came to her eyes the windows to the soul, don't you know Ray was more forthcoming. "I like black eyeliner and I like pencil," he said, noting her bold lids. "I like it with a combination of both. A pencil liner with a liquid felt-tipped pen on top really makes a really nice line." He added a few coats of mascara to finish the look, and, whispering state secrets, "some lashes as well."

"She was really popping that evening," he said.

And with the help of some protective sunscreen, several extra hours of rest, face wash, and some falsies, you can, too.