10 things to never say to a woman with small boobs

Small breasts are just as capable of feeding a baby as large ones and they will grow in size during pregnancy.

1. “Men like something to hold on to”

Men love women of all different shapes and sizes, and every man has different tastes. Small breasts are just as cute as big ones and there’s a lot more to what makes a woman attractive than just her cup size.

2. “You should wear a push-up bra”

Why should you try to pretend that you shape that you are not and make you feel uncomfortable in the process? Push-up bras are designed to make it make it look like you have more cleavage, but if you don’t have a lot to start with, that’s not going to happen anyway.


3. “Don’t you have breasts”?

This comment is totally inappropriate when the answer lies in your face.Women with smaller breast can equally breastfeed their babies and menstruate every month. The only difference between large breasts and small ones is the size; nothing else, and nothing important.

4. “You are so lucky”


What is so lucky about having smaller boobs? This is body shaming and men should avoid such remarks or look for women you perfectly fit their checklist. Small breasts do pose its own problems and it does limit, somewhat, choices in clothes.

5. “They look like little mosquito bites”

Don’t try to a comedian because you’re damn not funny. Small boobs are just adorable and bountiful as big boobs if the man knows how to handle it.

6. “Why don’t you try putting on some weight?”


Why should you put on weight for a man? Does anyone know of any food that will add weight to the breasts and nothing else? It’s that kind of silly remark that can lead to eating disorders and, all it will achieve anyway is an increased chance of diabetes and heart disease and, proportionately, the same kind of figure anyway, only bigger all around.

7. “You should get surgery”

any type of surgery, cosmetic or otherwise, carries risks with it and implants don’t last forever. Surgery should really be a last resort and certainly not undertaken just because someone you know thought it would be a good idea.

8. “Bikini shopping is a nightmare when you have big breast”


You really shouldn’t comment on things you know nothing about and, if you don’t have small breasts, this is one of those things. While you might think that it’s tough finding a bikini with the right support and coverage, a girl with small breasts has to search through endless triangle bikinis trying to find one that doesn’t make her look too flat.

9. “Never mind, I’m more of a butt man”

The guys can put their foot straight in their mouth over small breasts too. Guys, the girl you are talking to is probably quite fond of those breasts that you’ve just written off as being so small they are completely unimportant.

10. “They’ll grow when you’re pregnant”


That’s true that every woman experiences change in her body during pregnancy but she can’t stay pregnancy in her life.

Small breasts are just as capable of feeding a baby as large ones and they will grow in size during pregnancy. However, getting pregnant just to live up to someone else’s idea of what size breasts should be is a little bit of an extreme step for most people.


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