Go all out, be the ultimate woman - says fitness expert Riah Froelich

Being the daughter of a ‘fit dad’, Riah Froelich has always seen the need to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Riah Froelich

Unfortunately, there are a million reasons why a lot of people (especially the busy mothers) cannot make time do so - “The later is just a myth” says Mariah ‘Riah’ Froelich, the fitness enthusiast who couples her routine of working out with being a wife and mother of two, a family person and an entrepreneur.

Being the daughter of a ‘fit dad’, Riah Froelich has always seen the need to stick to a healthy lifestyle. The birth of her second child (who she refers to as her ‘little bestie’) triggered her urge to stay in shape.

However, like many women, childbirth posed quite a hurdle to keeping up with her fitness-routine-needs. “There just isn’t enough time or hands to keep up” is what she said to describe such times. She speaks of the “sheer will to achieve anything we put our minds to” as the reason we can all attain optimum levels of fitness or weight targets that we may set.


She has been through having to watch her babies from the corner of her eye whilst they play in the corner of the gym as she works out and gym instructors taking turns to carry the little ones.

There were even other instances where, we are told, teachers from the school of her first child would willingly mind her little girl for short periods so she can quickly go and put in a couple of hours of ‘work’ by way of exercising.

And it paid off!

Mrs. Froelich, bearing the interesting surname of German-origin from her IT-whizz hubby, has succeeded in maintaining an enviable physique and staying a very strong lady; both physically and mentally. “When I started seeing results, I realized I could never stop. It cured the occasional stress and depression of motherhood and made me look good. Now who wouldn’t want that always?”


Currently, Riah Froelich says she aims to help ladies (especially moms) realize how essential and easy it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle by mentoring and handing tips as well as providing personal training services whenever required.

She has chosen to put out a few photos, which she says are to usher in ‘fresh motivation’ for more years of staying happy and healthy that are yet to come.

Author:  Nana Twum


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