Irregular menstruation is not always caused by various underlying diseases.

It could be as a result of excessive weight gain or loss, changes in hormones, stress or emotional problems, or a change in contraception.

This menace exists when bleeding in a cycle lasts for less than 2 days and more than 7 days or when the number between cycles is unpredictable.

However, the condition can be reduced or even stopped when a healthy lifestyle is maintained.

Here are simple home remedies to help you:

  • Exercising

Getting regular exercise helps decrease symptoms that cause painful menstruation. To reduce symptoms or risks, get at least 30 minutes of aerobic activities

  • Pineapple remedy

Pineapple is a popular home remedy for oligomenorrhea (a condition in which you have infrequent menstrual periods).

It contains bromelain, which softens the uterine lining and aids the menstrual cycle.

  • Ginger remedy

Results from a study of a sample of women with heavy bleeding showed that ginger helps to reduce the amount of blood loss during menstruation.

  • Always stay stress-free

Stress has been identified as one cause of irregular cycles. Some hormones are produced during stress, and these hormones may cause an imbalance in your period.