"If you want to find the perfect red for your complexion, try applying one lip color that has the same undertone as your complexion all over the lip: Cool uses cool, warm uses warm. Apply a red with the opposite tone just to the center for a lip that looks full and fantastic."-

"Dab a color corrector all over lips to neutralize the lip tone and to make the lip color more vibrant." - Petra Strand, creator of Pixi by Petra

"Test lipstick on the inside of your fingertip, rather than on the back of your hand. The pad of your finger closely resembles your own lip color, so see which one looks best there, then move to the lips."- Kerry Cole, style director of Becca Cosmetics

"Use a flesh-toned eyeliner to outline the lips along the Cupid's bow. This reduces the chance of feathering and makes lips appear fuller."- Petra Strand, creator of Pixi by Petra

"Pull your bottom lip down and look at the inside color. Pick a lipstick shade that's either lighter or a bit deeper but along the same tone as the inside of your lip. Oh, and don't do this in public."- Maggie Ford Danielson, Benefit global beauty authority

"Apply concealer to the outer corners of your lips to give your lips a lift."- Niki Metz, director of artistry for Jouer