As a woman, menstruation is just something you must accept, even though you would wish it could be shorter and lighter.

The average duration of a menstrual period is three to five days, but this varies for individual women. For most women, their menstrual flow tends to get shorter as they age. But it’s still possible to reduce the length and flow of your period as early as possible with the following steps:

Birth control pills

Most women who take birth control pills get shorter and lighter menstrual periods. So if you would want to have shorter periods, consider taking those pills or oral contraceptives.

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Try and exercise more throughout the month. This may shorten the length of your period, as well as relieve you of cramps and symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome.


You may not like having sex on your period, but the thing is sex can shorten the length of your period. It can also affect flow because of orgasmic contractions. You may not need a partner for this, as orgasmic contractions can be created through masturbation.

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Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water every day can also help reduce the length of your period and shorten your flow as well. This is because water flushes your body which enables fluid to escape faster.

Take Vitamin C

Taking large doses of Vitamin C will reduce the amount of progesterone in your uterus, making the walls of the uterus to break down faster. Your period will subsequently be shorter.

Menstrual caps

These are worn inside the body to collect menstrual blood. They usually help in shortening periods.