Most people wouldn’t get the appeal in your guilty pleasures but guess what, that’s why they are called guilty pleasures. 

Enjoy your guilty pleasure but without the guilt. Like when you see yours or drop those tiny pleasures in the comment section.  

•  Falling asleep watching movies

Fall asleep Fall asleep

Whether on my laptop or the TV, the drone of movie sound lures me to sleep. I guess that’s my lullaby. 

•  Singing loud in the shower

Shower singing Shower singing

When I’m in the shower, I’m Celine Dion with my audience (soap, sponge and toothbrush) loving every minute of my serenade. How about you? What’s your favourite shower song?

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•  Drinking juice straight from the carton

Drink straight from the carton Drink straight from the carton

Get a glass, someone else would drink too, blah blah blah…can y’all just leave me sloop my saliva all over this juice cartoon?

•  Eating in bed

Eating in bed Eating in bed

People share horror stories of bed bugs and ants but frankly speaking, nothing beats a lazy day in bed enjoying your meal. I eat everything and anything in bed. Pure bliss.

•  Walk around naked all day – indoors of course

Walk around naked Walk around naked

My love handles, cellulite, jiggly butt makes me look so beautiful. I just cannot hide then beneath ugly clothes. I love me too much

•  Stepping out without panties

No panties No panties

A risky move but that makes life exciting or don’t you think so?