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Vagina massage, the new stress releaser every lady needs right now

Have you heard about the latest massage trend? Vagina massage is more about discovering what makes you feel good and 😋😋😋 some women get orgasms in the process although that is not the objective.

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Why are you surprised? Just like other parts of the body, a woman’s genital needs to be massaged to release stress and make it function properly.

A lot of women are going for genital massage also known as yoni massage due to its endless benefits especially how it spices up their sex life.

Yoni massage as its popularly referred to is a ceremony where a woman is invited to seize touch on her vulva.

Though this pretty much sounds like foreplay, any gentle touching in the vagina can help you get aroused faster after the session and help with vaginal dryness the next time you have sex.


Logically, anything that increases blood flow to the pelvis increases sensitivity, arousal, and lubrication, which could help with orgasms.

It is always advisable to get it done by a professional who will educate you on importance, boundaries or how deep you want them to massage your vaginal before the process is initiated.

The session itself can involve deep-breathing exercises, herbal treatments and even finger penetration.

There are a lot of preparations such as deep-breathing exercises to connect and bring awareness to the client body and pelvic floor as directed by the masseuse.


The client lies down on a table and the masseuse massages her body using essential oils.

This massage can focus on certain erogenous zones like the breasts then stretches out the woman's hip flexors to get them ready for the vaginal massage according to Women’s Health.

The client sits on a table in a butterfly position with her legs draped over the masseuse. For safety, always check if the masseuse is wearing a glove before placing her hands on your vulva then gently touch your labia.

According to Women’s Health, the masseuse treks inside the woman’s vagina to analyze any tension in the woman's vagina. When she finds a tight spot, she presses into it and asks the client to contract around her fingers, hold her breath, and release.

Some women who have experienced this type of massage, says it can help to ease tension and lead to a release of emotion, however, the main benefit appears to be sexual.


It helps to make women more aware of their sexuality and enables them to discover new areas of pleasure. While orgasm is possible during the treatment, it is not the objective.

And, hopefully, they use that knowledge to do some solo exploring with their fingers or through a vibrator.

Some gynaecologists have reportedly said that it is safe and it would help sexually however there is doubt concerning the other health benefits. It is also noted that the vaginal area is very sensitive therefore steam, herbs and oils should not be applied.


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