Here are the beauty tricks to get whiter eyeballs

All eyes on you!

Here are the beauty tricks to get whiter eyeballs


Suffering from, red eyes or dull, yellow-ish peepers?

Here are 5 tips on how to brighten up the whites of your eyes. brings ways to get a bright white eyes.

A way to make your eyes pop is to try a different color other than basic black for mascara. This will draw the attention upward, toward the top lash line, giving the eyes a more open look.

A simple but effective fix. By lifting the “awning up,” you can make eyes look larger and brighter automatically.

Another liquid that can help to whiten the eyeballs is soya milk. This is because it’s rich in anti-inflammatory proteins. Soaking two cotton-wool balls in soya milk and placing them over your closed eyes for a few minutes can help to reduce bloodshot eyes and also decrease puffiness in the area.


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