6 tips on how to stay fit at home

Find an exercise partner with similar goals, similar obstacles, and the willingness to commit.

Set realistic goals

Fitting into shape should be a fun activity to achieve maximum results. Set goals that can be measured in the short term. Example, I want to run three times every week.

Record everything

Use your smartphones record every move for reference and see where you form is missing.


Jot down few notes about your process and how you feel after every session.

Have posture check-ins

People tend to lean on cardio-machine handles, and their posture begins to suffer,” says Kirsch. Every few minutes, remind yourself to stand tall and engage your core.

On the elliptical or bike, make sure you’re not relying on the machine to support your body weight.


Use tech

If you don’t have a personal trainer, stream a workout video of a trainer while working out at home.

Hearing his or her words of motivation encourages achieve your set target.

Find a workout partner


Sometimes everybody needs a little competition to break his or her own records. Grab a workout friend to help you finish what you have started.


Everyone needs a little extra motivation to get to the gym. It is perfectly acceptable to wear makeup while working out.  You can also come up with few motivation phrases (you got this girl, sexiness alert, size 8 incoming) to keep you going when you feel like giving up.


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