Ban on noise-making: How night clubs have resorted to silent headphones (Watch)

Nightlife got better with the revolution of silent headphones used to party hard in the clubs and lounges in the hearts of the capital, Accra.

Silent Headphone Parties

Weeks ago, the Ga Traditional Council, as an annual practice, declared the start of this year's ban on drumming and noisemaking till June 9, 2022.

Normally, for nightlife lovers, club and pub owners in Accra, it is always never pleasant news to observe. These lounges and clubs thrive on loud music to get the attention of people in their spaces but are prohibited to do that during such periods.

What this connotes is that typical night party moments: loud and noisy and the whole deafened crowd effect it comes with that gets club lovers excited is halted making these moments as boring as watching paints dry.

Well, this isn't the story in 2022. Thanks to innovation, a new mechanism to still party 'hard' even in these periods have taken over clubs: silent headphones parties.

Yes, Silent parties, events where music is broadcast through noise-canceling wireless headphones rather than speaker sound systems.

Like in the case of Cloud 9ine, one of the most patronized clubs in Osu, everyone that steps there is given a pair of LED silent headphones for the entire stay for the night. These silent phones works in a way that, people can select from the music channels provided.

Speaking to the owner of Cloud 9, Kate Sim Beann, she stated that the silent headphones were deployed as a means to still meet the party needs of their patrons.

"The Homowo noise-making ban is always not a beneficial moment for club owners but we at Cloud 9 had to find means to meet the fun needs of our patrons as we adhere to the restrictions, that is why we resorted to silent headphones." she stated.

The phenomenon is gradually gaining popularity amongst other clubs and pubs to as well, and pub owners as well. Places like Oliver Twist Shack, Food Yard amongst others.

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