Zurak Cancer Foundation holds cervical health awareness program at Madina

Zurak Cancer Foundation brought together various schools in the vicinity to educate the youth about cervical cancer.

Zurak Cancer Foundation brought together various schools in the vicinity to educate the youth about cervical cancer. The event was attended by Abassiya Islamic School, Umar Bun Hatab Islamic School and An-Nida Islamic School.

This event was targeted at getting the youth to under the risk factors of cervical cancer such as the Human Papillomavirus. Zurak Cancer Foundation took the students through the concept of cervix, the risk factors of cervical cancer, signs and symptoms, prevention, diagnosis and treatment option. The students were also educated on the main causative activities related to cancer which is smoking, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity. This initiative is aimed at encouraging the youth to foster healthy lifestyles to ensure cancer prevention which is the primary objective on Zurak Cancer Foundation.

The event was also graced by distinguished personalities such as Asmau Bint Ayub of Rayuwa Foundation (an organization which community peer counselors, provides mentorship, mentorship and trains girls and children about their rights). She educated the youth about girls right and also encouraged the youth to stand for themselves and also report any sort of abuse on them.

In order to foster peace building in the community, Zurak Cancer Foundation invited the Presbyterian Church of Ghana to educate the youth about community peace building among the Muslims and the Christians in the community. Mr Zico of Mother of All Nations Foundation climaxed the event with a speech about dreams and reality. This was to motivate the youth to take up initiative to foster development in their community.


The event which was in partnership with Herbalife enjoyed a refreshing segment during the Herbalife moment. The herbalife crew educated the audience about their products and the need to use them to live on healthy lifestyles. The Herbalife team refreshed with their product called “Gym in the Bottle” a healthy tea that helps keep the body in shape.

The youth were very much intrigued with the event and they also made a proposal to Zurak Cancer Foundation to bring a health team in the community to conduct a screening in order to know their status regarding the silent killer.


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