Legendary playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte is once again set to thrill an audience with his latest masterpiece titled ‘The Comeback’.

There is a reason why everyone needs to be at the National Theatre to witness the latest stage play put together by Roverman Productions. Who does not know that Uncle Ebo Whyte will always have a surprise for his audiences?

And it’s no coincidence that no one has been able to figure out the trick with his stage plays. He simply delivers, and you can bet his next theatre will be better than the previous one you watched.

‘The Comeback’ is a play which fuses drama with poetry and rib-cracking satire. But what at all is the comeback about? Hold it, not yet.

The theatre tells the story of a successful footballer called Jojo Ronaldo whose rise to the pinnacle of his career was cut short by an injury he sustained.

As a result, he was released by his club, with his contract subsequently terminated.

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Will you be a worried man if you were Jojo Ronaldo? After all, footballers earn so much so he should have saved enough to be able to cater for himself even after such a setback, right?

But sometimes, just sometimes, perceptions are not real situations as Ebo Whyte gives an insight to the real deal not without its humour.

The subplots also feature interesting characters, with interesting capabilities. What is interesting about them?

Well, no words can describe so you'd definitely have to watch to get the excitement.

‘The Comeback’ is a tale of greed, betrayal, intrigue and revenge.

Jojo's character is one never seen in an Ebo Whyte play. His knowledge of Ghanaian culture missed with his foreign lifestyle makes an interesting watch.

According to Jojo, “our elders say if your only weapon is a bentua (syringe) then you have to see all your enemies as an anus”.

If you want to hear more “our elders say” quotes from Jojo Ronaldo, then you can’t miss ‘The Comeback’.

This Uncle Ebo Whyte play will be shown at the National Theatre on the 2nd and 3rd of September with a repeat on the 9th and 10th of the same month. Tickets going for only GHc 80.