Sleeping in a coffin and 5 other extreme things people do to make money

This just shows the lengths to which people will go to make money.

People do extreme things to make money [YouTube]

In a world where financial pressures are a constant reality, people resort to creative, and sometimes extreme, methods to make ends meet.

Traditional jobs may provide stability, but they don't always offer the quick cash some seek. This has led to a variety of unconventional ways to earn money, some of which are surprising, bizarre, and even a bit disturbing.

From spending nights in a coffin to selling one’s hair online, these extreme methods reveal just how far people are willing to go for financial gain.

Here are some of the most unusual and extraordinary ways people have made money.


One of the most eerie ways people have earned money is by sleeping in a coffin. This method was popularised by a contest held at a theme park, where participants had to spend 30 hours in a coffin for a chance to win a cash prize.

The rules were strict: no phones, minimal bathroom breaks, and limited food and drink.

The challenge tested both physical endurance and mental resilience, as participants had to endure long hours in a confined space, with little to no sleep. The idea behind such contests is to draw attention and create a buzz, while also offering a substantial reward for those brave enough to participate.


For those with long, healthy hair, selling it can be a lucrative venture. Human hair is in high demand for wigs, extensions, and other hairpieces, especially if it's natural and untreated.

The process involves cutting off a significant length of hair, which is then sold to buyers who will use it to create high-quality hair products. This method can bring in hundreds of dollars, depending on the length and condition of the hair, making it a viable option for those willing to part with their locks.


Medical trials are another extreme way to make money. These trials often involve testing new medications or treatments, and participants are paid for their time and the risks they take.

While the payments can be substantial, the risks can be great as well. Participants might experience side effects from the treatments or medications being tested. Despite the potential dangers, many people volunteer for these trials as a way to earn extra income quickly.

Body advertising is a method where individuals rent out parts of their bodies to display temporary tattoos or advertisements. Companies pay people to have their logos or messages tattooed on visible areas like the forehead, arms, or legs. This form of advertising is eye-catching and generates a lot of attention, which is exactly what businesses are looking for. The payments can vary, but they are usually quite generous, especially for high-visibility areas.


Eating contests are another extreme way people make money. These contests challenge participants to consume large quantities of food in a short amount of time. The winners usually receive cash prizes, which can be quite substantial.


Donating plasma or sperm is a common way for people to make extra money. Plasma donations involve giving blood plasma, which is used in medical treatments. Sperm donations are used for fertility treatments. Both processes involve medical screening and regular donations. The payments for these donations can add up over time, providing a steady source of income for those who qualify.

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