Make up this season is all about balance and finding how to be you in an ever-changing setting. Womenswear brand, Kenny Adelajacollaborated with Professional makeup artist IbilolaTiwo to create a beauty shoot inspired by African prints.

Bold lipstick ideas to match your print

If you are dressing up in vibrant African prints also known as Ankara for a day outing or a friend’s event you can try the berry lip to match the colours in the outfit. Lipsticks are the ultimate fashion statement so go all out or stay home. Try the full lip too because afterall Africans have been teased about it for centuries. If you got it, flaunt it.

Go for Gold

Ibiolawent for Gold shimmery eye, a trend which is getting bigger by the day but with a subtle smoke shade. This could also complement your Ankara outfit very well. You could even just do the tear drop with gold and have a smokey eye shadow.

Eye Brow 101

A perfectly arched eyebrow will change your makeup life forever. Believe it.  The three steps to dong a badass eyebrow is as follows; Measure, Fill and Set unless you’re want a large eyebrow then fill in some more.

Ankara Ribbons are a thing

Yes, Ankara has inspired so much now it’s inspiring hair accessories too. The shoot had some eye-catching hair buns and ribbons that are to die for.

Know your shade

This was for a shoot and the MUA studied her models before trying the look. But if you’re home and you want to try this look know your shade. Don’t just go for bronze or a loud shade because it looks perfect on someone else. Make sure the palette is  well-balanced and do a good blending especially around your cheek and your nose area.

Check Printastic shoot below

CreditsStyling & Attire: Kenny Adelaja | @kennyadelaja Model: Blossom | @blossom___a, Adesola | @dessy619MUA: IbilolaTiwo | @heavenessencebeauty Photography: Evi Photography | @evi_photographyAssistant: BabarindeAfolabi | @folababarinde