Seven affordable shoe brands and where to get them

When your shoes are talking you want them to sound as confident as they can because they are an extension of you


Shoes are everything in fashion. The shoes you wear speaks volumes about who you are. So, when your shoes are talking you want them to sound as confident as they can because they are an extension of you. These are the shoe trends and where to get them

Monk Strap

Monkstrap are the most popular footwear in fashion and it is your best alternative if you are not a typical lace-up person. There are two types of Monkstraps which includes the single and the double. The Monkstraps add personality and sartorial elegance to your feet and can be worn for a variety of events depending on how stylish you want to look. Ghanaian shoemaker, Land of Gold makes the best Monkstraps in Ghana and is available in suede, black and various hues & tans of brown. Call them on numbers on+233264440555 and +233243534384 to make a request for a handmade Monkstrap just for you.



An oxford shoe on a man’s feet is nothing short of sexy. The shoe’s very simple design with a cap toe and a moderately high sole makes it the perfect complement for a black-tie event or for the office atmosphere. The elegance of this classic masterpiece cannot be overemphasized. Tonyi Senayah’s Horseman Shoes are currently the market’s favourite when it comes to Oxfords.  Call them on +233504188777 or +233206482457 (on WhatsApp) for your custom handmade Oxfords.


Brogues are considered as the most outdoor classic shoe anyone can ever own and a favourite shoe brand for many Ghanaian men. Brogues can also be worn to events such as weddings and corporate events. They are found in one of four toe-cap styles which are the full or “wingtip” brogues, semi-brogues, quarter brogues and longwing brogues and four closure styles (Oxford, Derby, Ghillie and Monkstrap). Heel The World Shoes can make one for you for a pretty cool price. Get your brogues in triple tones on +233262 101656 and +233246589160.



Loafers are casual footwear which is low in height and laceless and sometimes come with tassels. They are worn for various occasions and style with various looks. Phil and Joe 233 make them in many playful colours and designs in Ghana.


The ankle-high Chelsea boots is an icon of Victorian fashion. The shoes are tailored made for your style especially if you are going for a suit or a jean look. You can pick your suede or leather version from Bata at the Accra Mall or a second-hand version at the Kantamanto market.

Desert Boots


Desert boots just like Chelsea’s are ankle high. The difference between the two is the materials used in making them as well as the design.  Deserts are the more casual alternative to Chelsea and your best bet at putting oomph in your gait.

White Sneakers

The white sneaker is a sportswear icon which continues to rule the shoe market. The trainers are great for street wear, sports and vintage fashion. Every guy needs white trainers. They comes in handy when you want to dress casual for a blue jeans event with the boys or go out on a casual date night. Grab your Adidas, Nike, La Coste or Reebok version from Kulaperryoutlook, P. brew and Vintage Nation.

Technical Sneakers

Technical Sneakers are your best bet for time at the gym or for your daily morning run. In case you want a feel of Africa in your shoes then Tawia Designs offer that and trust us they are pretty.



Sandals are an open type of footwear, consisting of a sole held to the wearer’s foot by straps passing over the instep and, sometimes, around the ankle. Sandals are normally worn for comfort or as a fashion statement. They can be styled with traditional outfits or beachwear. The Apollo sandals by Hazza Official is celebrated for its ingenuity and style. Hit them up for a pair.


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