Lydia Forson was spotted in a cute dress on Instagram today but strangely, the look looked familiar. Alas, we discovered that Moesha had shown up in a similar apparel a few weeks ago. 

The dress in contention is a classic shift dress in black featuring a colour pop from Aztec designs. A casual yet sophisticated look 

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Lydia’s colourful designs are placed around her midsection which compliments bowlers’ hat and red heels beautifully. She finished off with dangling red earrings and a striking pose. 

Sitting poised in an armchair, Moesha showed off her huge chest which was already accentuated by the colourful Aztec designs. These patterns crawled its way to her mid-section leaving a black V shape in its middle. Cascading curls and a neutral makeup seemed a really good addition. 

So after our assessment, who do you think deserves the crown to this look?