Rihanna’s style (like her music) is on fire. She keeps raking up accolades in the fashion world. 

The singing sensation always looks glamorous whatever she slitters into which is so amazing considering the ‘body type-dress match’ speeches. 

Her piercing green-hazel eyes seem to suck the very soul out of everything around her, filling and bursting her with light. 

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The mischievous glint in her eyes seems to conceal a dark sensual secret which threatens to reveal itself through whatever garment draping her body. 

The sultry beauty and costumes seem to be an irresistible combo and it’s easy to understand why she’s a favourite when it comes to modelling high-end pieces. 

The racy lyrical crooner always appears on stage in a fab getup ready to drop some hot dance moves. 

A typical RiRi look cannot be defined – because it is anything and everything!

And yes, she looks flawless all the time… Oh na na na, what’s her name?