Contact lenses are fashionable and here's why

As much as the contact lens craze is becoming a norm, it doesn’t eliminate its demerits.

More and more young people from schools and colleges are purchasing them, believing they give them more beautiful eyes. This has layered the real essence of the contact lenses as a medical aid.

The new trend has, however, has boosted the fashion industry due to the demand by people. Now we have these contact lenses in various colors. From hassle brown which is good for people of ebony color and the deep blue and green to light skin folks.


There are more fiery colors; yellow, red, gray. What makes this fashion trend intriguing is how people match up their apparels with their contact lenses. The colored contact lenses have a way of making your eyes dazzle in a noticeable manner.

As much as this craze is becoming a norm, it doesn’t eliminate its demerits. They are very delicate and should be treated as such.  if the colored lenses are not kept clean it can lead to a variety of eye infections.

Doctors are therefore urging the youngsters to think before following the new fashion trend or be very cautious in its maintenance. Though these lenses could be difficult to clean and to keep clean, you sure wouldn’t like to any eye infection that could possibly leave you blind. Treatment for eye infection is expensive and involves discomfort.


One practical advice to people who want to follow the trend is to seek medical measures that could put one at less risk of its disadvantages.


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