Gone are the days when kids did not taste chicken until their parents prepared their Christmas rice meals.

Kids these days have their chicken at will with the many fast food joints around these days. So it’s really no excuse to have rice on the list of your Christmas recipes.

Take a different approach this festive period and try other amazing dishes around.

Be different and make people have a joyful Christmas without the taste of rice from your kitchen.

Here are 5 awesome Christmas recipes that are not rice dishes.

Fufu and Palmnut Soup

Fufu & Palmnut Soup Fufu & Palmnut Soup

Check out recipe HERE.

Banku and Tilapia 

Banku and Tilapia Banku and Tilapia

Check out recipe HERE.


Apapransa Apapransa

Check out recipe HERE.

Ampesi and Palava Sauce 

Ampesi Ampesi

Check out recipe HERE.

Kokonte and Groundnut Soup

Kokonte Kokonte

Or you could just try Kokonte cake. Learn the easy steps HERE.